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12/13/2012 9:22:00 AM
Snow, snow, snow, why are so many folks smiling? Where not to go...

Goodness, that was quite a snow event we had this weekend. Originally, we were told we could expect close to six inches of the white stuff. When I measured at my house, my ruler showed 16 inches of snow. That is quite a discreprency.

Either way, I love it. My back tells me otherwise, but this is what winter is supposed to look like. We have become so used to brown. snowless winters, that this sort of event really shocks us. As much as you may dislike the white stuff, it does have its benefits. Believe it or not, snow stimulates shoppers. Maybe it puts people in the Christmas mood, or maybe it makes us realize that Christmas is just around the corner. Snow provides an economic stimulus. Besides what I just mentioned, there are many many businesses that benefit from big snowstorms. Ski resorts. Wild Mountain and Trollhaugen have to be smiling now that Mother Nature has spared them from making snow. Retail stores that sell winter products are also welcoming the abundant snow. Whether they are selling snowblowers or shovels, or snow clothing, any and all sales are much welcomed. Speaking of snow, I wanted to thank Mark Wachter of MW Cosntruction. On my way to work on Monday morning, I proceeded to get stuck a whole 15 feet past my driveway. Mark was gracious enough to stop and plow me out, even though he had to get his two children to daycare. Very nice. So we have been dragging our heels as far as getting Christmas cards out this year. We had an appointment in Roseville on Saturday, so we thought why not take the kids to the Como Conservatory. We thought a shot of them in the poinsettia display would make a great Christmas card picture.

I am not sure if you have been there or not, but what used to be free is now $5 for adults and $3 for kids just to get in. The sign says donation, but there is two workers sitting there giving you the eye making sure you pay. We broke down and gave them some money and proceeded inside. Once we entered the poinsettia room, we were blown away. It was beautiful. Hundreds if not thousands of poinsettias all in full bloom as far as you could see. We found a nice perch where we situated the kids surrounded by flowers. I pulled out the camera and began shooting pictures. As soon as I hit the fourth photo, a worker yells (literally yelled) “Folks, apparently we have someone who does not know the rules for taking pictures, there is a three photo limit allowed. If you choose to take more, you must purchase a permit at the front door.” I was blown away.

I am told that I muttered a swear word or two, but I don’t recall. We grabbed the kids and headed out to the green area where the exotic plants are. We found a few places that looked good and quickly sat the kids and took pictures in a matter of seconds. Every time we looked up, there was a worker heading our way. We passed a few groups of people who were obviously talking about the permit, because it was usually the guy who was complaining, muh like myself. As we left, the two bouncers at the door gave us a huge “Thanks so much for coming and we will see you soon.” To which I apparently responded with something along the lines when something freezes over. On the way out we walked past the poinsettia room, so I knocked on the window and the kid that yelled at me turned and looked, I proceeded to take about 50 pictures of him. Send me the bill for the permit. Please don’t forget to shop locally this season. As you know by now, the annual Small Town Christmas is in full swing

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