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11/1/2012 9:39:00 AM
Nov. 6 - your chance to make a difference; a great big thank you to the community

Next Tuesday is a very important day in the United States. It is your civil duty as a citizen of this great country to exercise your vote. Some people think that if they vote one way and another votes the opposite their votes will cancel each other out. Not true. There are so many races on the ballots that a person would have to vote identically opposite of you to cancel your vote. I will admit, even in our home, the vote is split. No matter, I still encourage both of us to vote. We as a society have the luxury to decide our leaders. Therfore, by avoiding an election and not casting your vote, you have no right to complain about whichever politician is in office. Come on folks, get out and vote.

+ + + + + + +
Well, if you have driven through Lindstrom, Center City and Shafer lately, then you already know that construction is very close to being completed. This has been the toughest stretch for businesses that I can ever remember in this area. Businesses everywhere are clinging to threads, just trying to survive the construction. Before you start thinking, "Here he goes again, Mr. Negative is in the house", wait. I am not heading down that path. I wanted to take a little time to talk about you. for months and months, I have been asking you, begging you to please do what you can to shop locally. I have pointed out how important just spending a few dollars locally can help this community. Well you did it. You have come out and supported all of our towns and cities that have been affected by construction. You have made an extra effort to shop around here. You did it. I will not accept any responsibility in the community support (the man upstairs is responsible), but what I will do is thank you. Thank you to each and every person who has done all they can to support local businesses. I understand that people have to shop outside our area for certain things, heck, I just spent a bunch of money at the office store in Forest Lake, but, when you have needed something that is offered locally, you stayed around here and shopped. This construction is not over, and we still have a steep upward climb, but if we (You and I) remain vigilant about shopping locally, we will see this out. Please accept my sincere thanks.

+ + + + + + +
On November 11, the local Veterans would love to show their thanks to any and all Veterans. They will be hosting their 11th annual Veterans Day Dinner at the Chisago City Community Center on Sunday at 6 p.m. All Veterans are invited to enjoy an outstanding dinner with a special guest speaker. If you are an active duty service person, they would love to have you as their guests. It is really a wonderful experience and a great way to say thanks. Before the meal on Sunday, you and your family are invited to the All County Veterans Memorial in Lindstrom. Beginning at 2 p.m., there will be a ceremony honoring those who have served in our armed forces. If there is one thing that is a constant in our great country, it is the willingness of men and women to fight for our country and even die for our freedom. I think that taking a few minutes on a Sunday to say thank you is the least we can do for our Veterans.
+ + + + + + +
Congtratulations to the Chisago Lakes Wildcats! Our Cross Country team has qualified for State and will compete in Northfield on Saturday. The Wildcat football team easily beat St. Francis in their first playoff game and now face Bemidgi. The game is a home game, so please take a break from raking or hanging Christmas lights to come out and cheer them on. The game begins at 7 p.m.
+ + + + + + +
If you have looked in our public notices recently, you would have seen the ad titled “Foreclosed?” What we are trying to do is simple. If you or someone you know has been foreclosed on or is in the process, and really wishes to keep their home, we can help. If your notice was published in another newspaper and could not be seen in your town, we can help. We have attorneys who specialize in reversing foreclosures. These attorneys are not like what you would expect, they are in it for you. They make it easy and affordable and the best part, they are successful at what they do. So if you or someone you know is being faced with foreclosure, there is hope. Send us your name, address a copy of the published notice or the name of the publication it ran in and the date of that publication to: Foreclosures, County Press, PO Box 748, Lindstrom, MN 55045. We have already had a few people contact us, now we would like to help you. + + + + + + + Tickets are on sale now for the Chisago Lakes Senior High musical The Sound of Music. The musical runs November 15-18 at the PAC.

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